Drone Swaters 2024

Enemy drones are buzzing like annoying flies, inflicting casualties, gathering intelligence and otherwise harming Ukraine. But every parasite can be squashed!
“Small but Strong” recent campaign “Drone Swaters 2024” was raising funds for anti-drone systems that will help Ukrainian soldiers protect themselves from enemy drones and the damage they cause. We will announce final results soon after all corporate donations are accounted.


This war is called drone war. Technologies are developing rapidly – drones are increasingly being used for military operations by both sides – Ukraine and the enemy. The enemy is evolving faster than we would like to, so the next step is to seek protection from the drone attacks that bring death and loss. Anti-drones were created for this purpose – an extremely necessary means of protection against drones. It prevents the enemy aircraft from performing reconnaissance actions or reaching the target.

How do anti-drones work? They interfere with frequency bands of  the drone. A drone that enters an area where an anti-drone measure is active loses communication, no longer obeys the operator and usually falls.  

Our supported units currently need anti-drone systems that would cost 100k euros.
“Small but strong” works with various organizations and manufacturers of anti-drone equipment in both Lithuania and Ukraine in search of the most effective assistance to Ukrainian soldiers. To make the most efficient use of the funds collected from this campaign, we will buy anti-drones according to the needs of each supported military unit.

What’s the best way to deal with nasty flies? Oh, the bat fighter, which we called the drone swatter. After purchasing this symbolic drone swatter, you will use all funds to purchase anti-drone systems. Of course, you can donate in other ways that are convenient to you. There must remain as few enemy drones as possible!

You can smash through the enemy drone too, just SLAM and be calm!
We declare DRONE SWATTERS 2024 campaign open! Campaing ends on July 15 – 614th anniversary of the Battle of Zalgiris.



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