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Little ornament – significant meaning

Christmas is not just about us. Christmas is also celebrated by Ukrainian soldiers.

Purchase a toy of Victory for your Christmas tree or donate directly and thus contribute to the victory of the Ukrainian people!

All donations will go towards the purchase of FPV attack drones that are co-produced jointly by the foundation “Maži, bet Stiprūs” (Small but Strong) and our Ukrainian partners.

Make the best Christmas present to a Ukrainian soldier!

How to donate?

  1. Purchase a Christmas ornament (minimum donation amount – 40 eur).
    The Christmas ornament is a miniature replica of an FPV drone, made from the same material and is made  with the same 3D printers technology that the Foundation “Maži, bet Stiprūs” (Small But Strong) team uses to produce parts and accessories for the drones donated to Ukraine.
  2. Make a direct donation.
  3. For companies and organisations: a meaningful idea instead of a Christmas gift or event.

Contact us.

     Frequently asked questions

    1. How can I buy a Christmas ornament and contribute to Ukraine's victory?

    You can buy a Christmas ornament in the souvenir catalogue with a minimum donation of €40.

    2. How do I collect my ornament?

    The Christmas ornaments will be available for collection from 4 December at the PirkEU distribution points (chosen at the time of ordering):
    Vilnius, Kedrų str. 3. Opening hours I – V 10:00-18:00
    Kaunas, Europos pr. 96. Opening hours I-V 10:00-18:00, VI 10:00-13:00

    3. When can I collect my ornament?

    Everyone will be able to collect it before Christmas if the donation was received before 21st of December.

    4. Can companies or other organisations buy a Christmas ornament?


    Companies are welcome to provide Christmas tree ornaments as gifts for their employees and their families in lieu of a festive gift or Christmas event. We also invite you to organise charity events to collect donations for these Christmas ornaments.

    In return for donations, we also offer to spice up a company event with a drone performance, make a presentation of our activities or contribute to a marketing campaign with drone-related activities.

    5. Is it possible to contribute a larger amount?


    You can make a donation on the donation page or by contacting us.

    FPV drones revolutionise warfare

    FPV drones currently dominate the Ukrainian skies. Lightwight, weighing just half a kilo without a battery, FPV drones are dangerous weapons in warfare, capable of carrying explosives three to four times their own wight at speed of up to 140 km/h.

    A drone costing just €500 is a powerful force in the hands of professional pilots. If hit correctly, such a drone can destroy enemy armoured vehichels, including tanks.

    The use of armoured vehicles in the frontline has become limited due to the use of FPV drones. Recent attacks in Avdiivka, Vuhledar, Marjinka have shown that armoured vehicles are either damaged by mines or stopped by FPV attack drones, and if they penetrate armoured vehicles, the armoured vehicles are burned, or if not, they are pushed out of formation and finally destroyed by the artillery.

    TORO drone is a joint project of Ukrainian and Lithuanian drone experts. On the Ukrainian frontlines this drone is one of the best in its class of kamikaze drones, boasting a hit rate of up to 80%. 

    A reusable FPV attack drone has also been developed and is in continuous development. We also plan to donate these drones to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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    IBAN: LT17 7300 0101 7147 4216
    Bank: Swedbank
    SWIFT code: HABALT22
    Recipient: VšĮ „Maži bet Stiprūs“
    Purpose of payments: DONATION

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